How to make the most out of Pediatric Therapy

November 6, 2013

jennaAs a therapist, I use a variety of treatment techniques to make the most progress with my patients in the shortest amount of time. One of the most important tools in a treatment plan is what the child does on a daily basis with his or her caregivers. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your resources to help your child progress to the best of his or her potential:

1. Talk with your therapist each session.
a. Make sure you have an understanding of, and input on, your child’s short and long-term goals. Check in often with your therapist on the progress toward these goals.
b. Know what the therapist would like you to do a daily (home exercise program). Observe sessions when it’s appropriate and beneficial.
c. Open the lines of communication between therapists, other health care providers and educators. This will ensure a team-approach to give your child the best care.
d. Ask questions about anything you do not understand. Even if the therapist cannot answer it, they can guide you to resources that can.

2. Daily Practice
a. Even a few minutes of practice a day can make a huge impact on how quickly goals are achieved.
b. Try to build home program time into the daily routine. This will help your child understand what must be accomplished each day. Ask your therapist for ideas on how to make these daily exercises fun and motivating!

3. Good Attendance
a. Consistency in therapy will optimize progress. Attend all appointments and reschedule missed appointments. The frequency of treatment determined by the therapist is established to capitalize on your child’s success in therapy.
b. Communicate with your therapist about an appointment time that really works with your schedule.

Your therapist is passionate about how to help your child achieve his or her goals. By working together with your child’s therapist, you can ensure that your child will succeed.

Jenna Saunders, PT, DPT



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