PT Aquatic Therapy

July 19, 2016

Does your child love the water and swimming? Aquatic therapy may be a great addition to his or her current physical therapy! Aquatic therapy is based in a swimming pool and has excellent benefits for children. In the water, children are more likely to work harder without realizing it due to the ability of the water to help them float, less effort required to move, and the fun nature of being in a pool. Strengthening, range of motion, coordination, endurance, and balance are just some of the areas that can be addressed in the pool. The resistance provided by the water is key to strengthening, as each movement a child makes is against this resistance, therefore increasing strength. The fluid movement of the water helps children move their joints and assists with the motion, improving range. The fluid movement of the water also helps to challenge balance and acts as a continuous force while in the water. Use of equipment in the water including weights, kick boards, flotation assists, barbells, and toys provide a variety in activities from the clinic setting and encourage creativity and fun in each child. Each session is tailored to your child’s needs, just like in the clinic. If you have any questions or believe your child may benefit from aquatic therapy, talk to your child’s physical therapist at his or her next visit!



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